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The Hurghada Kite Center is a great place to . The area has a very flat surface with stable side onshore winds. As a result, the water is warm, and the wind is consistent. The Hurghada Kite Center is run by the best kitesurf instructors in Egypt. The Hurghada Kite Center offers lessons to both beginners and advanced kiteboarders. It also offers equipment rentals. Depending on your experience level, there are several instructors to choose from. You can either book a private lesson or join a group that teaches beginner kiteboarding.

Sultan Kite Center
Guests staying at the Hurghada Kite Center can enjoy discounted beach usage and storage. The facility also offers comfortable accommodation with large beds and en suite bathrooms. Other amenities include a professional coffee machine and a PlayStation. The prices are reasonable, and the staff are helpful and friendly. If you have kids, you can even book a childcare facility if you need it.

and includes a morning lesson with an instructor, which lasts 1.5 hours. Beginners can choose a 10-hour course if they feel confident. Intermediate riders may opt to spend a day in the lagoon or a week for an intensive course that requires a higher skill level. The instructor uses walkie-talkies to communicate with students, providing them with the necessary equipment.

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The Red Sea area is a great place to start if you are looking for a kiteboarding holiday in Egypt. There are many great spots to learn the sport, and the town of Hurghada is no exception. Here, you will find five different kiteboarding stations and plenty of places to practice your new skills. Of course, if the wind is too strong, you can always try out one of the alternative activities on offer. Some stations even offer childcare.

The kitesurfing spots in Hurghada are near Colona Watersports and Magawish Beach. Both locations have plenty of space and offer the perfect wind conditions. You will find offshore winds early in the morning and side shore winds in the afternoon. You’ll find the best winds right in front of two sandbanks, with shallow water nearby. You can start by learning how to control your board, then move on to more challenging waves.

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There are also several other kitesurfing schools in the area. For example, the High Surf & Kite School in Hurghada is run by one of the most experienced teams in the country. The instructors here are friendly and can help you get the most out of your lesson. The school also offers downwind trips from El Gouna and Abu Mungar islands.

You can complete a beginner kite course in three to four days. It includes a morning session with an instructor and a half-hour session on the water. The water is safe, and the equipment is fully supplied. You can pay extra for a full day of lessons if you think you can handle more.
If you’re looking for a great location to learn to kite surf, there’s no better place to visit than the Red Sea. This picturesque coastal area offers both beginners and advanced kite surfers the ideal conditions. In addition, this kite surfing camp offers luxury accommodations and twin rooms and suites for a comfortable stay.

Beginners will love this Hurghada kiteboarding spot, where the water is shallow, and the winds are generally siding onshore. This location is also the largest lagoon, so it’s safe during low tide. Beginners will benefit from the teaching zone. Moreover, the kite training centre is next to a luxury four-star hotel.

The kite training centre will also offer hybrid courses so beginners can learn other water sports, such as surfing or wakeboarding. In addition, most professional kite centres have ties to international kite organizations, which provide certifications at different levels. Students who attend these courses will receive the appropriate certifications at the end of the course.

The Hurghada Kite Center is a good place to rent a kite. This specialized kite rental centre offers all the necessary equipment and will help you get on the water with the perfect kite for your level and skill. You can even get help from experienced instructors at the centre. They will pump your kite, attach the lines, and switch the kite when the wind changes.

Hurghada is located on the Red Sea and offers tourists a variety of attractions. There are hundreds of hotels and excellent restaurants along the coast. The water is flat, and the wind is on the stable side. This place is ideal for learning how to kite surf. Many instructors are available at the Hurghada Kite Center, including the best in the country.

In addition to kite rentals, the Hurghada Kite Center provides a comprehensive guide to kiteboarding in the area. The guides cover everything from travel tips to kite tips. They also offer information on the best times to foil and freeride kiteboard in the region.

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The Hurghada Kite Center is located on a beautiful beach with warm and flat waters that are ideal for kiteboarding. The area is also known for its steady onshore winds, perfect for beginners and experts. In addition, the area has excellent hotels, restaurants, and a thriving kite boat scene. It is the perfect place for beginners and experienced kiteboarders to learn how to use their new toys.

The Hurghada Kite Center is located at the Mercure Hurghada Hotel and offers two great spots for kiteboarding. The freeride spot is large and has plenty of room for gybes and a few jumps. The location also offers a nice bar and deckchairs for a relaxing break after a long day on the water.

The kite centre is located on the shore of a long lagoon in the north of Hurghada. This location has consistent onshore wind, a long, quiet beach, and high-quality equipment. The water is about Torso-depth, with a sandy bottom for a firm foundation. The constant onshore wind is ideal for learning tricks and practising high jumps. The beach is also beautiful and long, and the marina is a good place to take photos.

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While the Hurghada Kite Center is a great place to learn to kite, the other locations are more secluded and have more wind. If you are looking for a more intense kite experience, try Soma Bay, which is less developed and offers a warmer sea. However, you will have a great time kiteboarding in Hurghada, regardless of your preference.

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