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Windguru Hurghada

Windguru is an internet weather forecasting service for the popular resort in Hurghada, Egypt. With its large database and sophisticated algorithms, it can accurately predict the weather in Hurghada and the surrounding areas. This information is free to download and has a great accuracy rate. The website is based on a unique formula developed by Vaclav Hornik. This formula is accurate and precise and was adopted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States. The formula is open source and has a resolution of a hundred kilometres, but it has been improved over the years to be even more precise.

The weather station is located on the territory of the AMC Royal Resort, about 300m from the shore, so it avoids turbulence at the shore and thus produces more accurate data. It displays live data on average wind speed (5 min), current temperature and historical data for up to 10 days. The data is also provided for the next four days and is updated every 3 hours.

Windguru is an online tool that forecasts weather conditions in resorts and holiday destinations. The site uses various models to give a reliable forecast. You can use the data to decide whether to go on a particular holiday. However, it would be best to remember that the weather forecast is not always accurate and may not always be relevant.

The wind in Hurghada varies according to the season. In winter, the wind is usually stronger than in summer. The wind is also stronger in the morning. Surfers and kiteboarders prefer the early morning wind. The weather can also be a little muggy at other times.
The driest months in Hurghada are October and January. Other months with a high chance of precipitation are March and July. Early January has the least precipitation on average. On the other hand, late December has the most precipitation. So if you’re looking to avoid the hottest months of the year, the best time to visit Hurghada is February or November.

Despite the hot and dry climate, Hurghada’s water is still relatively warm. It rarely falls below 70degF. The coolest month is January, with an average high of 71degF. In addition, the average daily low temperature is 55degF. During these months, the beaches are best. It is possible to swim during the day, but it is recommended to avoid the hotter months.

There are several free attractions in Hurghada. You can enjoy Scuba-Diving and Quad biking. The area is also home to the ruins of ancient Egypt. Alternatively, you can visit Mini Egypt Park and Sand City Hurghada. If you are a keen swimmer, you can try diving or snorkelling.
There are also numerous buses available to take you to Cairo. Some of these buses pick up passengers at hotels or other areas. However, they may not be the cheapest or fastest option. Nevertheless, a day trip to Cairo from Hurghada can be a thrilling experience. You can also visit the Pyramids and the Egypt Museum. On the way, you can also enjoy a trip through the Khan-el-Khalil bazaar.

The wind in Egypt is almost constant, although it’s stronger during spring and early summer. During winter, the northeast wind dominates, while the southwest wind begins to dominate in March. However, the winds are weakest during the summer, when the mountain ranges and sea shields act as reliable barriers.

The Windguru Hurghada website is one of the best tools available to those looking to get the best weather forecast possible for their holiday destination. Unfortunately, although the website provides weather forecasts, its information is typically delayed by up to 12 hours. This can cause the information to be inaccurate during certain times.

You can compare the forecasts from different Windguru models. The different models have different forecast targets and may result in different forecasts. The difference between these models is that the GFS model forecasts longer timeframes than the WRF models. Furthermore, the GFS model is more ‘wide angle’ and less focused on localized weather. The WRF model, on the other hand, is more relevant for a day trip at sea kayaking and is more localized.

The average hourly wind speed in Hurghada varies significantly throughout the year. From May 23 to October 4, the average speed is over 13.1 miles per hour in the windiest part of the year. However, the wind is calmer from late October until early May, with average speeds of around 11.3 miles per hour. Throughout the year, the predominant direction of the wind is from the north. This makes it a windy location during summer and winter, but it’s still pleasant enough to spend a day or two under the sun.

The average temperature in Hurghada varies between fifty and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is about eighty degrees in early July, making it ideal for relaxing on the beach. In August, the average temperature is over 91 degrees Fahrenheit. In December and January, the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The climate in Hurghada is warm and drier than other resorts in Egypt. This means that the water temperature is comfortably warm for adults and children. In June, the seawater temperature reaches over twenty-seven degrees, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. In November, it is even hotter than this! It’s also windy in Hurghada.

If you plan to visit Hurghada, you can check the local wind forecast for the airport. It includes wind speed and direction for tomorrow and the next four days. You can also check the current wind speed and direction at the airport. This will help you plan your trip to the area the best way possible.

The area surrounding the windy town of Hurghada is another place where you can find a relaxing atmosphere. It is located near Makadi Bay and offers a wide range of amenities, including national souvenirs, outdoor activities, and quiet nightlife. The area has four water sports centres and a golf course. It is also home to an excellent windsurfing base.

While you’re in Hurghada, make sure to check out the Safaga resort to see the coral reefs in the area. This area offers great snorkelling, diving, and karting. You can also visit the coral islands near the city. A few of the nearest attractions are Makadi Bay and Safaga.
Besides the water activities, the resort offers buffet-style meals. The buffets are located on the beach or in the old exotic part of the town. In addition, some resorts have excursion programs, including trips to Cairo and Luxor. Other options for activities in Hurghada include jeep tours to the desert and coral islands. You can also rent an aqualung to go snorkelling or diving.

Wind Hurghada is an up-and-coming resort located on the coast of the Red Sea. This area is a year-round destination with pristine coral reefs and clean, warm water. This resort also has a rich history and is located near ancient Egyptian monuments. Mountains and dunes also surround it.

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